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Museum Geopark Batur volcano is the media information and storage of objects that have properties such as geological information in General, means of education about the volcano and the object as a tourist destination. Geopark is itself an area that contains various types of geological elements that have meaning and function of sebagaiwarisan nature.

According to UNESCO Geopark concept is: “Geopark is an area that has a prominent geological elements (outstanding)-including the value of archaeology, ecology and culture in it-in which local people were invited to participate in order to protect and improve the function of natural heritage.” (UNESCO, 2004)

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Batur Geopark Museum Miniature 

Design museum Geopark which includes the preservation, conservation, collections, education and recreation facility about things that related about the volcano. Named the museum of Geopark because it can provide information about the site kegeologian cultural and biological diversity that exists in the caldera of Batur and geopark information throughout Indonesia. One of the tourist destinations are located in the area of Mount Batur and is approximately a 2 hour drive if you depart from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The Museum serves the visitors every Monday through Thursday was established from 08.00-16.00 WITA. When first entering, visitors will be greeted by the width of a miniature mount Batur.


Batur Mountain Miniature

You can also catch the representation of natural history and culture at the Batur. For travelers who have already finished watching natural history and culture at the Museum of the Batur, can see directly the natural beauty of geopark Batur surrounded by rocks, sand, Lake, and the cool air. Geopark Batur has been established as a member of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network on September 20, 2012 and sustained three pillars namely the geological heritage, biodiversity and cultural diversity. Mount Batur area has special uniqueness because large eruption twice has created two geological heritage, namely the caldera Lake Batur and the volcanic Crescent-shaped with a length of 7.5 kilometers and width of 2.5 kilometres.


Width of Miniature Mount Batur

In addition to the above the caldera the caldera are created that are not found at other volcanoes. Museum Geopark Batur equipped meeting rooms, an exhibition hall with a large digital screen supported, miniature landscap area of Mount Batur, dioramas and eruptive history.