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Ubud is one of village in Bali, located in Gianyar District. Ubud also one of place that turned into an attractive tour destination. Talking about Bali cultures, arts, and nature beauty are all related to Ubud. Therefore, Ubud can conclude as one of important area in Bali.

3With the condition of unspoiled nature, and cultural life of Ubud villagers is still cling with Balinese culture. Arguably, Ubud is the perfect place for you who want to enjoy the calm atmosphere of Bali, and also enjoy the hospitality of the Balinese people that has a difference in various cultures and art. You can learn about the cultures and arts at its environments, for example egg painting.

2People in Ubud use many kinds of eggs to be painted. They use chicken egg, Bebek Bali egg (or Balinese Duck egg), goose egg, cassowary egg and ostrich egg. Duck egg painting size used is approximately 4.5 cm until 5 cm. Goose egg painting use Javanese goose and swan eggs. Goose eggs are supplied from Java due to its difficult to find it in Bali. It size is approximately 10 cm. Cassowary egg painting use Irian Jaya cassowary egg, it size is bigger than goose egg, approximately 14 cm to 21 cm. Ostrich egg painting use ostrich egg which is directly supplied from Africa and Australia. Ostrich egg is the biggest egg from the others kind of eggs. It is approximately 19 cm to 22.5 cm.In addition we also accept orders to paint the Emu bird eggs and Alligator eggs.

Egg painting is an incredibly delicate and specialised art form requiring exquisite patience and skill. There are hundreds of hand painted eggs on display of all sizes and hundreds upon hundreds of different designs and colour motifs, everything from traditional Balinese mythical characters to naturalistic flower, insect and animal drawings to whimsical portrayals of the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and much more. Make a egg painting it’s so difficult but so fun, you can use your imagination and make a design before you give colours to the egg.