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The Balinese people are known for its hospitality, they are a religious community. Most of them are Hindus, and always active in religious events. There are many Hindu temples in Bali, which is called Pura. Some of this place has become a beautiful tourist spot. One of them is Penataran Sasih Temple

6Penataran Sasih Temple is one of the universal temples in Bali having a very long history traces. The temple located at Pejeng village, Tampaksiring subdistrict, Gianyar. Penataran Sasih is also a temple serving as the origin of the world’s life. But, based on the results of research on a lot of relics of the ancient objects found in the temple area, then the Penataran Sasih Temple was alleged to have existed prior to the entry of Hindu influence into Bali. Estimated, it was equivalent to the Dong Son era in China, about 300 years before Christ. In the meantime, the Hinduism was estimated to have entered into Bali in the 8th century.

1It can be seen from some relics retained in the Penataran Sasih Temple originating from the period when Hinduism came into Bali, such as stone inscriptions found in the innermost courtyard of the temple. The inscription had scripts derived from the 10th century. In the outermost courtyard of the temple, on the southeastern area, is found some fragments or traces of buildings containing inscriptions in rectangular scripts stating Parad Sang Hyang Dharma standing for a sacred building.

3In the eastern row lies the pengaruman pavilion functioned as a place to abide the deities’ effigy of all the trinity temples throughout Pejeng. Meanwhile, in the north of the hall occurs the pengaruman shrine used to venerate Ratu Sasih. In addition, there are also the representation shrine of Lord Ganesh and the abode of Lord Brahma in the southern row. Then, in the north there is the shrine of Lord Vishnu, while that of Lord Mahadev in the west.

Based on stories of the elders at Pejeng village, Penataran Sasih was also frequently visited by tourists from different countries because the temple retains some unique ancient relics. Even, a bronze kettledrum posing the center point of every pilgrim and tourist coming to the temple has become one of the objects sanctified by local Hindu community.

2There is a myth of “Moon of Pejeng” in this temple. “There were 13 moons in ancient Bali. One in that fell in the village when was, and it was caught to the coconut tree. Because the moon is bright day and night, the thief who was not able to work has been embarrassed. The thief thought that he turned off the light of the moon. And, he went up the coconut tree, and put piddle on the moon. However, the moon exploded at the moment. And, the thief died, and the moon dropped on ground.” This is a myth of “Moon of Pejeng”. It is said that the bottom of “Moon of Pejeng” cracked because of this thief. And it is said that another theory was an eardrop of giant Kebo Iwa of the legend.

4However, based on the research by the Institute for Archaeology, the bronze kettledrum measuring 186.5 cm is one of the sanctified shrines in the Penataran Sasih. It contains high magical and symbolic value. The kettledrum is embellished with frog face ornament used as a means of ancestral tribute and protector. In this regard, the magical symbol serves as a medium to invoke rain.Aside from the bronze kettledrum, the Penataran Sasih also keeps some fractions containing relic inscriptions written on rock stone using Old Javanese and Sanskrit language. Probably, the fractional inscription originates from the 9th century or the beginning of the 10th century. Some references and sources also mention that Penataran Sasih is the oldest temple serving as the center of kingdom in the days of ancient Bali. An archaeologist, R. Goris, in the book entitled Keadaan Pura-Pura di Bali (Situation of Temples in Bali) also mentions that the center of ancient kingdom of Bali was located at Bedulu, Pejeng.

I hope you must use the kamen (Balinese cloth) to keep the holiest of this temple. I believe it will be the best experience during spent your holiday in Bali.