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Do you have journey to Bajawa town and surrounding in Flores Island? So lovely, there is two big volcanoes towering the sky that has been less active in the top thus causing lots of hot water source containing sulfur elapsed areas were scattered around the volcano. Visiting to the hot springs is one of the destinations of foreign and domestic tourists in Flores Indonesia.

4Any natural hot springs come out from the volcano, spread across all the Flores Island. Mengeruda hot springs at Soa is a beautiful area located in Ngada, or about 17 KM from Bajawa Town to the north. Its located at the foot of Inelika Volcano, many people visit this place on weekend and this place also one of tourism object in bajawa town. Mengeruda hot spring was managed by Ngada Government

1The water temperature exceeds the human body’s temperature, it’s about 40 degrees, but does not reduce the interest of visitors. Each visitor always feels like to get into the pool to pamper their bodies. Really attractive clean natural water pond and come out the natural hot springs then a more interesting is the hot waterfall with a height of three meters was pretty to make a free massage to bodies.
5With the 40 degrees of water temperature and a little sulfur content in the water was really pretty to make people enjoy the hot water and they say the water good for skin health, but there no official tell the statement about it. There is no sulfur odor at all in the spring. The water is clean and clear.

The facilities are toilet, parking area, swimming pool, convention hall, locker and there are shop that sell drink and food. It is recommended place to visit when you get holiday in the Flores Island, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and get unforgettable experience.