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When you come to Bali maybe you only enjoy the beach, because Bali offers amazing panorama of beach. Why don’t you come the quiet place and enjoying the nature? Bali has many amazing place. One of them is Penatahan Hot Spring.

This hot spring is situated at Penatahan Village, Penebel Subdistrict, approximately 13 km from the town of Tabanan Regency and about 34 km north of Denpasar City. It offers beautiful natural scenery on the right and left side with the backdrop of amazing terrace rice fields. The hot spring is perched right on the banks of Yeh Ho River.

Local people call the hot spring by Yeh Panes. Based on the results of research in the laboratory of the Department of Health, the hot spring is very good for bathing because it contains sulfur and other minerals. It is excellent for curing light skin diseases.

Untitled-3At this location, you will find a waterfall while the hot spring comes up in the middle of a temple under the big banyan tree. Back-grounded by the magnificent Mt. Batukaru, fresh and cool weather, beautiful natural surroundings, Yeh Panes has been an ideal place for relax and recreation.

Untitled-1Splendid place to make you feel relax and healthy. Yeh and Panes stand for two Balinese words there Yeh means water and Panes means warm or hot. To enter this hot spring, you should pay a small price different between child and adult price. This is a good place to make you relax and pampering your body. There are several pools that can you try , 1 of main pool, 2 family pools, 5 room pools, and 1 Top pool with no hot water but serve you a good panorama on the top.

It is recommended place to visit in The Thousand of Temple Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience.