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Everybody knows Bali, the best tourist destination in the world. Bali offers the beautiful beaches, amazing panorama, and unique cultures. But if you often come to Bali, maybe you need something “new “in your experience. Those are 3 places offer the cute monkey, amazing forest and sacred temple;

1. Sangeh Monkey Forest

SangehSangeh is a small tropical rain forest surrounded by the rice field with high and shady tropical trees where this place as a habitat for group of monkeys. The atmosphere of beautiful forest is an ideal place for monkeys to take refuge and become one of attractions for tourist to visit this place. This Monkey forest located at Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency or about 30 minutes away from Denpasar City.

The golden era of Mengwi Kingdom in the 17 century was led by I Gusti Agung Ketut Karangasem, the son of I Gusti Agung Made Agung. He founded a temple in the middle of nutmeg forest, hereinafter called by Bukit Sari Temple. The myth of Sangeh forest formation is associated with the removal of timber forest in Agung Mount at Karangasem, east part of Bali to Mengwi, Badung regency. However on the way to Mengwi, someone was realized it and the timber forest growth become a forest and now this forest called by Sangeh. But scientifically there is uncertain story about the existing of this forest.

According to the staff of information center department at KSDA (Natural Resources Conservation), in year 2003, the Sangeh forest is covered by 6.825 tropical trees consisted of 28 species of tree including 22 species of shrubs/bushes. In the expansion are (3,169 ha) located in west part of this forest, it has been planted by several species of plants including sapodilla, mahogany and guava. Some of them will be expected to be a source of foods for 500 monkeys. The species of monkeys live in Sangeh is Macaca fascicularis. Those monkeys are living in three different groups (east, middle and west) which will cause of conflict if they invade the other territorial. Overall, the animals live in this forest have been indentified into 22 species of birth, 3 species of reptile, 2 species of amphibian and 5 species of arthropod.

2. Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Alas-Kedaton-Monkey-ForestAlas Kedaton temple and forest is located in Kukuh Village, Marga District, Tabanan Regency. It is a small forest measuring about 6 – 7 ha located in the middle of the rice field in Tabanan Regency, west part of Bali. In this place you’ll see hundreds of monkeys in their natural habitat. It’s one of the Bali attractions where monkeys exist, free and peaceful. High up on the big trees many bats area hanging and singing with their loud voices. It’s very easy for the visitor to make videos, pictures – and meals might be taken in to offer to monkeys although sometimes this will make you a target for a monkey mugging which might be an interesting experience (be safe – ask your guide to help you).


In this forest, there is a temple called Alas Kedaton Temple and owns the natural environments that is looked green with its fresh air and create the quiet and holy atmosphere. The monkeys in Alas Kedaton are very tame and free gallivanting in temple yard, so that the calm atmosphere is sometime solved by noise voice of the monkey, which are playing around and scrambling of food.

The temple ceremony in Alas Kedaton Temple is held once every 210 days like most of the temples in Bali but unlike any other temple in Bali the Alas Kedaton Temple ceremony (at Anggarakasih Medangsia – Balinese Hindu Calendar) does not use fire and penjor decoration, elements that are essential in the temple ceremony in other places in Bali and the ceremony of this monkey forest Alas Kedaton Temple is finished before the sunset or before the night is come while in other temples in Bali the ceremony is usually held until late at night. Visit the Bali Monkey Forest and Alas Kedaton Temple which is part of one of our Bali Tour Packages. In front of Alas Kedaton temple there are a lot of small shops selling the handicraft as souvenir, for example pants, clothes and other handicrafts. Others, there are some shops booth selling food and beverage.

3. Ubud Monkey Forest (The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary)

monkey-ubudThe Ubud Monkey Forest located in Monkey Forest Street, Ubud , Gianyar. The Ubud Monkey Forest or The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is not just a tourist attractions or important component in the spiritual and economic life of the local community, but also an important spot for research and conservation programs. The presence of sacred forest is a demonstration of the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. In Bali, sanctuaries such as the Monkey Forest are usually in sacred village areas, often surrounded by temples. These cultural sanctuaries are not only an important part of Balinese heritage, but also an important part of everyday live. Temple festivals are regularly held for the villagers and the gods in such areas. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, in conjunction with Udayana Univeristy in Denpasar have identified 115 separate species of trees.

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Monkey Forest Ubud) area are built around the middle of the 14th century. When the kingdoms in Bali were ruled by Dynasty of Pejeng or can also be said about the beginning of Gelgel Dynasty.
There are three temples in the area of Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary :
• Pura Dalem Agung (The Main Temple), located in the southwest area. In this temple, people worship to the God.
• (Hyang Widhi) in personification as Shiva, ”The Recycler” or “The Transformer”
• In the northwest area, you will find Pura Beji (Beji Temple). In this temple people worship to the God (Hyang Widhi) in personification as the goddess Gangga. This temple is a place of purification before conducting the ceremony (piodalan). Pura Beji is often used for ”melukat” as spiritual and physical cleansing.
• The third temple is Pura Prajapati (Prajapati Temple). This temple is located in the northeast area. This temple is adjacent to the cemetery. In this temple Hindus worship to the God (Hyang Widhi) in personification as Prajapati. The cemetery is used temporarily, while waiting for the day of the mass cremation which is held every 5 years.

The type of monkeys that live in the area of The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Monkey Forest Ubud), known as the Balinese long-tailed monkey is in scientific called Macaca fascicularis. In English called macaque. There are about 600 monkeys living in this area. They are divided into 5 groups: in front of the main temple, Michelin, eastern, central, and cemeteries. Each group consist of 100 – 120 monkeys.


It is recommended place to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience