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The Balinese people is known for its hospitality, they are a religious community. Most of them are Hindus, and always active in religious events. There are many Hindu temples in Bali, which is called Pura. Some of this place has become a beautiful tourist spot. One of them is Alas Paiguman Temple

pura-paiguman3Alas Paiguman Temple located at Pura Desa Penempahan Street, Tampaksiring, Gianyar or 40 kilometer from Denpasar City. Alas Paiguman Temple is known as the Guman Temple. It is a temple which is often used for conducting sacred religious ceremonies. This temple is surrounded by a fairly dense trees, it was very quiet so it is the best place for conducting the meditation. Some ancient relics found in this temple, especially the legacy of the Warmadewa Empire, the Lingga as high as one meter measuring 70 cm, Nandi bull statue, and the stone like moon and sun.

At Utama Mandala (The holiest side) of Paiguman Temple, there are patterned Buddhist stupa and at Nista Mandala (The ou side ) you will see three Pule trees which is aged hundreds of years old and looks great. According to local people, this tree is very sacred by the local people and is regarded as a symbol of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This temple has been thousands of years since it was built in the X-XI century AD.


This temple has amazing authentic Balinese style, and this temple is one of the ancient temples in Gianyar. I hope you must use the kamen (Balinese cloth) to keep the holiest of this temple. This place also offers some trekking spot for you trekking in there and has nice panorama of the nature. I believe it will be the best experience during spent your holiday in Bali.