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Museum is the best place for learning about something new and Bali offer many interesting museum such as Bali Museum in Denpasar, Subak (Irrigation System) Museum in Tabanan, the old script Museum of Gedong Kertya in Buleleng, and many art or painting museum in Gianyar, but this museum is the best place for learning if our fingerprint can be a painting. You must Visit Lukisan Sidik Jari (Fingerprint Painting) Museum.
1430_16.Ngurah_Gede_Pemecutan_dan_karyanya,_membawa_pesan_agar_generasi_muda_Bali_bangga_akan_identitas_tanah_kelahiran_merekaLukisan Sidik Jari (Fingerprint Painting) Museum located at Hayam Wuruk Street No 175, Tanjung Bungkah, Denpasar. It’s not so far from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is about 40 minutes aor 15 kilometers. This unique museum was built in 1993 and opened to public in 1995. Lukisan Sidik Jari means paintings created by fingerprints and I Gusti Ngurah Gede Pemecutan is the initiators to make the Lukisan Sidik Jari Museum.


This remarkable 79-year-old man is an autodidact painter, starting his painting experience by capturing the essence of Balinese traditions on white paper or canvas with Chinese ink. One day he was painting and found that he found his brush paintings unattractive, so he tried different methods and fell in love with finger print painting. He has made 640 paintings which displayed on this museum.
There are three spaces where he displays his artworks in the museum. In the first room, you can appreciate his early paintings, before finger print painting. Here you can see the development of his painting style, as he tries to discover who he is as a painter. The second room is the space where he displays his Baris dancer paintings. His first painting using fingerprints is displayed here. In the third section of the museum, there are more paintings to appreciate and there is also a wall size painting of the Pemecutan War. He spent years creating this beautiful piece and he says that he will never sell it. This painting is the memoir of his family members who died in Pemecutan War, the war when the Balinese fought against the Dutch in front of Pemecutan Palace, Denpasar.


The purpose of Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan to build The Lukisan Sidik Jari (Fingerprint Painting) Museum is as a place for displaying various collections of his paintings, as well as displaying their works of poetry written on stone. Besides enjoying the painting, you can try many short courses like Balinese dance, Balinese traditional music and painting courses. This museum has many facilities, such us café or food stall, toilet and lot parking area.