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museum-baliBali has many unique cultures, like dance, music, uniform and many more. If you want to learn about Bali but you can’t around every place of Bali. Don’t worry, I suggest you to visit to Bali Museum. This museum is the best place for learning about Bali.

Mengenal-Sisi-Lain-Pulau-Dewata-di-Museum-Bali1Bali Museum located in center of Denpasar City, exactly in Major Wisnu Street and it is find it due to the location is in the heart town. In the north side there is Jagatnatha temple, meanwhile in front of it the Puputan Badung (Badung Courtyard) and four face statue (Catur Muka Statue) are located. Bali Museum was built by Governmental functionary of Dutch, Bali King, and Society Prominent in 1910 and finished in 1925. Because of the ancient object collection which had been collected is not yet adequate during 7 years. Bali Museum opened to public in 8 December 1932.

Bali Museum has 3 main courtyard same like temple, because the structure of Bali Museum resembling the temple and palace. Bali Museum divide to 4 main building, Timur Building, Karangasem Building, Buleleng Building, Tabanan Museum.

1428_6.Gedung_Timur_merupakan_gedung_yang_paling_akhir_dibangun_di_antara_keempat_gedung_pameran_yang_ada_di_Museum_BaliTimur Building has 2 floor, the first floor collect the prehistoric object like : the Grave Petrify (sarcophagus ), the object collection coming from history era like: the bronze statues (Hindu and Budha statues) and ethnography object collection like Keris. The second floor show the painting and wood curving from Balinese artist.

Bali_MuseumKarangasem Building, this place show Balinese ceremony like ngaben (the burn body who die ceremony), metatah (the teeth filling ceremony), telung bulalnin ( the baby 3 month ceremony). Beside of that, you also find Ancient Balinese Calender in this place.

1428_11.Koleksi_tekstil_tradisional_yang_dipamerkan_di_Gedung_Buleleng_antara_lain_kain_poleng,_kain_geringsing,_dan_songketBuleleng Building, this place collects Balinese Cloth, like endek, gringsing and songket. These also show the equipment and the process to make the Balinese cloth. This place will give you all information about Balinese Cloth.

koleksigedungtabanan_400Tabanan Building, this place shows Balinese Music Instrument (Gambelan), Balinese Leather Puppet, Balinese Mask and also Barong & Rangda. Barong & Rangda is Balinese mythology history, barong is good power and rangda is bad power.MuseumBali2

1428_13.Sejumlah_koleksi_sakral_yang_dipamerkan_di_Gedung_Tabanan,_di_antaranya_keris_dan_wayang Mengenal-Sisi-Lain-Pulau-Dewata-di-Museum-Bali1 It is recommended place to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience.