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petani-garam-kusambaKusamba Beach located in eastern part of Bali, exactly in Klungkung Regency. This black sand beach is the best place for learning how to make or produce the traditional salt. We can discover the traditional salt industry along the coast. Beside of that, we can find some traditional fisherman bring fishnet. They still hold the traditional ways to produce the salt and fishing.

bb1db5ca-3bc3-469a-969f-e43a0f0be1c4First, the traditional salt farmer brings the sea water and spread evenly on the sand. After 3 times spread, the farmer must wait 3-4 hours till the water is dry but depend on the shine sun. When the rain season comes, the farmer can’t produce the salt. After that, when the salt crystal appears on the sand, the farmer take it into the besek (traditional bag) and bring it into gubuk (the place to process the salt crystal to be salt).

14051605535_eb36ec4626_mThe sand contain salt crystal is watered by the sea water again until the brine come out. We can find a big traditional filter of sand contain salt crystal which is made from coconut tree. After that, the brine put on the place which made from coconut tree and wait till the brine becomes crystal.

The taste of Kusamba’s salt is unique and saltier than Madura’s salt or the other place produce salt. The price of this salt is 5000 rupah per kilogram, it’s not fair with how long the process made it. The government must help the farmer and make this place be tourism object

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