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bli madeUbud is one of district in Gianyar Regency. Ubud is also known with Place of Art, because it has many museum of art and has many famous art artists. There are 4 perfect places for learning about Balinese Art

Puri Lukisan Museum

puri lukisanPuri Lukisan Museum is located at Ubud Street. This Museum collects Balinese painting from 3 eras, Empire eras until Independent of Indonesia era. You can learn about many painting style that developed in Bali. This museum is perfect place, if you interest to see old painting from oldest Ubud Artist (Pita Maha – 1936).
If you want to spent your holiday with short course like gambelan (Balinese music) playing course, playing suling (Balinese flute) course, Topeng (mask) painting course, Batik (Indonesian textile) making course, Wayang (Balinese leather puppet) making course, Balinese dance course, and Banten (Balinese offerings) making course.

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

Untitled-1Agung Rai Museum of Art located in Pengosekan Village, Ubud. The total area of this museum is 5 hectares, and collects painting from famous artist and young artists. This museum is equipped with library, book store, restaurant, café, and large parking area. Agung Rai creates this museum and he is Balinese painter. Beside learn painting, you can learn about gamelan (Balinese music), Balinese wood carving, Balinese dance, History of bali and Balinese food.
I suggest you, to visit this museum at the afternoon, because you can have a dinner and enjoy Balinese exotic dance in there.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum

blancoAntonio Maria Blanco is Spaniard who lived in Bali in 1952 and married with Balinese Girl. He is a great painter. He made this museum in 1998. This museum located in Raya Campuhan Street, Ubud. You can enjoy more less 300 his works and dominant theme of painting is women. The Blanco Renaissance Museum will show you all the eccentric painting and amazing painting.
This museum has 3 floors, you can see Blanco’s panting studio and complete with canvas and brush messy. Antonio Maria Blanco has unique painting technique, and made the painting looks very special.

Museum Neka

nekaNeka Art Museum is a unique museum that collected art from Balinese, Indonesian and foreign artists. This museum will show you all the best art and give you great information about art. You can find painting, wood or stone statue and keris (the Indonesian ceremonial deggar). The Neka Art Museum was opened in 1982 and the name of this museum was taken from Balinese teacher Suteja Neka. He is collector of painting and makes painting to be place of artistic documentation. This art museum display 300 paintings and more than 100 keris.

It is recommended place to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable  experience.