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IMG_0866Sekumpul Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Bali located at Sekumpul Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali just 2 kilometers from Lemukih Waterfall. To see Sekumpul Waterfall it requires a lot of energy and struggle. From the parking area, you must walk far, pass a dirt road, down a hundreds of stairs, and crossing the river.

IMG_0900If you drive a motorcycle, you can drive from the parking area, until reached the end of paving road. After paving road, the road change be narrow dirt road ( footpath ). Not long after walk in footpath, you will arrive in a ‘Bale Bengong’ ( Gazebo ) with the amazing Sekumpul Waterfall view.

IMG_0891From the ‘Bale Bengong’ you can see the beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall. This waterfall just not has one or two waterfall, but Sekumpul Waterfall has seven waterfalls. It is make Sekumpul Waterfall be different with other waterfall in Bali. That seven waterfall located separately on the cliffs and trees. This waterfalls has the different shapes and heights. It’s not wrong if many people say this waterfall, is the best waterfall in Bali

IMG_0866From the seven of this waterfall, you just can see two waterfalls from nearby. But two of Sekumpul Waterfall has different shapes and heights. The waterfalls come from different water source. The left waterfall come from the water spring and the other waterfall come from the river.

IMG_0863To approaching Sekumpul Waterfall, you must down to a hundreds of stairs and cross the river or you can pass the new bridge. I recommend you to wearing short pants and sandals because you will cross the deep river (adult thigh) to arrive at front of the waterfall. But now there are a bridge that can used to pass, and you can discover the other waterfall if you are cross from this bridge. It is need more struggles to this beautiful waterfall. But your struggle will paid by this amazing waterfall.

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It is recommended place to visit in Bali when you got holidays, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agent. I believe your trip will be awesome and great experience.