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7105573215_101e7572b2_zIf you visit every town in Bali, you will see so many statues. Catur Muka Statue is one of famous statue in Bali. The statue stands on cross road in front of Denpasar Mayor’s office. It’s called by Catur Muka (four faces) because it has four heads facing out to the cross road. This statue is symbolized of Brahma God or the god of creator.

Catur Muka Statue was built by famous local craftsman I Gusti Nyoman Lempad in 1973. This statue made from granite which height is 9 meters. It looks 4 cardinal directions, such as north, east, south and west. This statue stands on padma flower (lotus) and it represents the universe which never destroyed. It brings 4 holy things in every hand, the first one bring Weda (Hindu’s holy book), the second bring lotus, the third bring kandakala (the ceremony equipment) and the forth bring ginitri.

The four heads represent God’s power. The first head signifies that the God is the greatest. The second head signifies that God is the King of the kings in this world. The third head signifies that the God is tireless and never stops working. The last head signifies that the God is the creator of world.

The Catur Muka Statue located in center of Denpasar, very easily to reach there. This statue is landmark of Denpasar town.

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