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nusa-dua-activities-theatre-balikidsguideBali Nusa Dua Theatre has a Famous performance named ‘Devdan’ with theme ‘Treasure of Nusantara’ that supported with grandeur stage and amazing attraction. When I watched Devdan Performance on Yesterday I was amazed by the art illusion, traditional dance and acrobatics show which packed very well. I saw this performance lasted 90 minutes, and just on 90 minutes I was been felt brought closer to know about Indonesia, which consists of thousands islands where each island has unique characteristics.

Atraksi-Seni-Di-Bali-Nusa-Dua-Theater‘Devdan’ tells the story about two young people who lost in the Bali jungle, where the middle of the journey they discovered something that surprised. Magical objects that they found made them across the Indonesian archipelago. Along the way they adventure to the island of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua. The inside story of their experience colossal volcanic eruptions, earthquakes rumble, lava flows and heavy rain.

devdan18During the show I was always filled with excitement because there are many dances and funny short dialogues. My heart was beating very fast when I saw the traditional giant puppet, creepy devil, a charming weaving cottage and life drama shown with brilliantly, supported by special lighting techniques, incredible illusions and sound effects are very creative. Contemporary music and hip-hop dance performances make ‘Devdan’ Performance be a very dynamic and entertaining Show.

This show is one of the most amazing attractions in Bali I have ever seen. I think Bali Nusa Dua Theatre can be one of the perfect tourist destination for you and your family to spend your holiday in Bali Island. But I recommend you to booking trusted travel agent in Bali to make your holiday in Bali be more complete.

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