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amed_web_baliThe beaches in Bali certainly has beautiful views and naturalness included the ‘Lebih Beach’ in Gianyar. Black expanse of sand immediately welcomed me when visited this place. ‘Lebih Beach’ located in the southern city of Gianyar, Lebih Village ‘, and achieved within 1 hour by driven car from Denpasar.

The atmosphere is safe, peaceful, and quiet made this beach deserved to be a holiday location for me and my family. In this beach in addition to swim in the sea, I also ate seafood at one of the food stalls near the beach.

Beginning of the beach name called ‘Lebih Beach’ because of the location in the Lebih Village, to be more easily remembered by visitors who come here this beach named ‘Lebih Beach’. To keep this beach clean and still comfortable, the people worked together to clean this beach when a predetermined time.

Communities around the Lebih Beach livelihood as traders, farmers, laborers and fishermen. This was apparent when I visited this beach. ‘Lebih Beach’ has been equipped with a large parking area, stalls selling food and drinks and swimming pools.

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