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tegalalang-rice-terrace-ydc-bali-tour5Visiting a famous traditional terracing named Tegalalang Terracing be my best experience when spend my holiday in Bali island. Located in Tampaksiring Village, I just need time about 1 hour from Denpasar City. Tegalalang Terracing is nice place to visit. I can saw amazing terracing rice field, felt the fresh air, and the rural atmosphere made me want to stay a long in this place.

I’m sure anyone who visited this terracing will want to linger because the stunning natural beauty and cool air. Far from the bustle of big cities and air pollution. Here I can saw the Balinese farmers who plowed and maintained their fields.

I think Tegalalang Terracing has become a favorite natural tourist destination, especially for they are who came from big cities. Because when I visited this place I saw many people who came from other cities and countries. They must has same thought like me, and has a similar way to enjoyed their holiday. Because this place is the most suitable place to refresh our mind.

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In Tegalalang Terracing there are not just a terracing rice field. But, there are many gift shop and restaurant, so I can enjoyed my holiday while lunch in a restaurant, and bought some souvenir for my family in the city.