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Kehen Temple is one of the old temples in Bali Island. This temple is the biggest temple in Bangli and very sacred for the people. Located in Cempaga Village I need time about 2 hour from Denpasar City. In this temple I can saw some uniques thing. There are three nekara bronze, at the entrance of the temple does not use ‘Candi Bentar’ like the other of ‘Pura Khayangan Jagat’ (General Universal Heaven) Temple in Bali. Kehen Pura has different entrances, which using ‘Candi Kurung’.

Kehen Temple also called ‘Hyang Api’ Temple, under the protection of Lord Brahma, the King of Fire. There are local community belief that made me wonder. People here really believe if there are banyan tree broken in the temple as a sign of grubug (catastrophe). It is inferred from the events that has occurred. Location of broken parts believed to be a sign that disaster will strike a particular person. For example, when the Bangli King died, banyan tree limb that is located in Kaja Kangin (North-East) was broken. Then if there is a ‘Pendeta’ (pastors) who died, so banyan tree limb side Kaja Kauh (Southwestern) was broken. Whereas if the broken parts located in Kelod Kangin (Northeast) and Kelod Kauh (Southeast) it is believed there will be a calamity that befell the people.

I got to thinking what if there are idle people who break this tree? But whatever belief the local community still made this place very suitable to be my holiday destination in Bali.

Like Besakih Temple, Kehen Temple built on 8 levels in the southern slope of the hill. Each of the three main levels connected by stairs to the top level, that is ‘Jabaan’, ‘Jaba Tengah’, and ‘Jeroan’.

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When you come to this temple when the temple held ceremony, you can watch the sacred dance Rejang.