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batukaru-3Spend my holiday in this month I went to a Temple in Tabanan named Batukaru Temple. Batukaru Temple located in Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel Subdistrict, Tabanan Regency, about 42 kilometers from Denpasar. I need times about 2 hours drived a car to arrived in this temple. Batukaru means coconut shell that is the mount name in this temple. Because the temple located in the mountain foot, so the Temple has same name with the mount.

Batukaru Temple located in an altitude of 700 meters above sea level was built around the XI century command from MPU Kuturan or MPU Rajakerta, during the reign of King Sri Masula-Masuli, The Twin King in Bali, and later expanded and embellished by Arya Kenceng and his descendants were later ruled Badung Kingdom and Tabanan Kingdom in Bali.

This temple is one of the “Sad Kahyangan” that is one of the six temples that are considered most important by residents in Bali. The other of Sad Kahyangan Temples among others: Uluwatu Temple, Pusering Jagat temple, Besakih Temple, Goa Lawah Temple and Lempuyang Temple. This temple is also one of the Catur Loka Pala Temples, are four temples located in the four wind corners in Bali, among others: Puncak Mangu Temple in the north, Lempuyang Temple in the East, Andakasa Pura in the South and Batukaru Temple in the west.

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In this temple I encounter unique ceremony, which was not found in other places that is Marebu Kulak ceremony. The ceremony is followed by all ‘Pengempon’ (called Pekandelan residents) temples who newly married. At first, newlyweds prayed in the ‘Pengakan Pasek’ Temple, then go up and down ‘Bale Agung’ stairs. Before the ceremony, the newlyweds are not allowed to stay in ‘Bale Agung’.