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titabSaturated with activities in the city, I went to a terracing in Buleleng Regency named Busungbiu Terracing. Departed from Kuta, it took me about 3 hours. Although far and took a long time but the fresh air, natural view, and amazing panorama, greeted me when I arrived at this terracing. The atmosphere made tired on my trip disappeared. This terracing located in Kekeran Village, Busungbiu Sub-district. Maybe this terracing is common for local people in Busungbiu Village. But for me who lived in urban areas I feel amazed when see this terracing.

Many people who visited this terracing and enjoyed the beautiful panorama. So that made me felt curious. The vast expanse of rice fields and the fresh air made a comfort for me who loved the natural beauty.

In the Busungbiu Terraces there are several gazebo that can be used to sit with the family while eating lunch that had been prepared from home. Luckily I brought some food from home, and I enjoyed in this beautiful terraces. When else I could have lunch while enjoying the beautiful scenery terracing, fresh and natural.

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I think if you visiting Buleleng Regency you must go to this terracing because this is one of the best terracing in Bali, if you don’t visiting this place you will feel very loss because has missed an exotic and beautiful scenery.