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Neka-Art-Museum-42407 (1)Neka Museum located in Jl. Raya Campuhan, Kedewatan Village, Ubud, Gianyar. The Museum consists of six buildings displaying various paintings, statue and kris neatly arranged in such an order to be attractive. elongation of this artwork grouped by themes, style and the artist achievement.

First time I came to this museum I was amazed at this large building. I was impatient to visited the six existing buildings in this museum. The first building I visited was a Building with Balinese Paintings Theme. This building has four rooms. First room I can saw Balinese painting artworks, start from classical painting Wayang Kamasan Village with traditional themed taken from the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata and the other legend from Java and Bali. In the second and third room I can saw the artworks that have been under the influence of western developed after 1920 in Ubud, known as the Ubud style painting. This influence was brought by Walter Spies (Germany) and Rudolf Bonet (Netherlands), they introduced the technique of lighting, shadow, perspective and anatomy. While in the fourth room, there is a painting style displayed complex perspective from Batuan Village with views that are too busy with their individual activities.


After looking at Balinese Paintings Theme Building, I went to a pavilion named Arie Smit Pavilion. According to the information I got this building created as a thank you for his services for teaching and fostering artists in Ubud. The pavilion consists of two floors, the top floor displayed paintings Arie Smit artworks with a variety of themes and styles that described the people lives and landscapes in the form of imaginative. While the bottom floor, the style of young artists displayed paintings like Cekra Nyoman, Ketut Soki and how artists present themed Bali contemporary, expressionism and abstract. It’s a interested experience I can saw the the teacher artwork of the famous artwork artist in Bali.


And then I went to an Exhibition Halls Photo Building, in this buildings I just can saw the Robert Koke artworks from America, with black and white colours about the Bali circumstances in the the 1930s era and early 1940s. Not content just looked at the outside artists artworks, I went to Gusti Nyoman Lempad Pavilion. Nyoman Lempad is a Balinese painter who has distinctive characteristics in the artwork. Gusti Nyoman Lempad paintings has a profound expression of the Balinese culture. As of 18 artworks displayed, 10 of them are Brayut paintings series, while the other tells the Mahabhrata story, folklore, and Balinese life.


After saw the old artworks, I went to an Indonesian Art Present Building. This building has five rooms with many Indonesian modern artworks. And came to Incorporation of Western and Eastern Art Buildings. The building is divided into two floors is intended for the the famous painter, they are Indonesian painters and foreign painters. The bottom floor of the building displayed paintings by Indonesian painters who received the art gift from the government.

Besides the six building, Neka Museum also has a room is used to store a collection of 272 kris collected over 50 years. Kris making by masters in the past and the present, neatly side by side in a glass display case.

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It is tiresome when visited this vast museum. But this is not a problem for me who loving an art. Especially art in Bali.