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Pura MelantingMelanting Temple located in North Bali beach, Banyupoh Village, Buleleng Regency, about 50 kilometers from Singaraja city. Melanting temple is located in the inland, and crossed the small forests and home residents along the way. The Melanting Temple history is very interesting. Believe it or not, this mystical history is often discussed until now.

Melanting means a offering / worship place to give all the crops or the other as a gratitude expression presented to ‘Bhatari Melanting’ who live there and for safety so not be disturbed by spirits (mystic).

This temple is a magnificent temple, and located in the jungle. Melanting Temple atmosphere was so beautiful and the temple building looks sturdy stand proudly. The most unique here is the temple buildings are very charming and magnificent.

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First you got this temple, you will be greeted with a staircase on the right and the left there are a Dragon statue from the top end of the stairs to the lower end of the stairs with a dragon’s head is in the early part of the stairs. Until at the end of the stairs there are very magnificent ‘Candi Betar’, you will definitely be amazed to see it. There are many sacred buildings, you can look around while taking pictures.

From the Melanting Temple, you can see the cliff that stands firmly on it. The cliffs will turn green when the rainy season, but in the dry season will happen otherwise. The Melanting Temple scenery is very beautiful, it’s because the location of the temple which is in the middle of the forest but can still be touched by transportation like a cars.