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blahmantung-waterfall.-01jpgBlemantung Waterfall located in Pujungan Village, Pupuan Sub-District, Tabanan Regency, Bali about 70 kilometers from Denpasar City or 2 hours with drive a car. The way to this waterfall so beautifull because on the right and left side you can see green teraaced rice. Because Tabanan Regency is the rice producer in Bali so it’s easy to see terraced rice in this Regency.

The location of Blemantung Waterfall is hidden by high cliffs. About 1,5 kilometers from Pujungan Village. The waterfall entertance is unique. About 1 kilometers, the road is a dirt road, with paving cement on the right and left side ( for the car wheels ). And then the road change be rocky ground road. After past the uphill bridge, the road change again be a uphill footpath between residents coffee plantation. Although it’s exhauting, but the panorama will you get commensurate with your struggle. The Waterfall from a height about 50 meters will welcome your arrival. The Clean and fresh water there with little pool so make you want to take a bath. This waterfall is on hidden location in the middle of a coffee plantation far from people residents. Nothing building just a temple and broken gazebo. So you can play there freely without fear disturbed by other visitors.
There are three waterfall in Blemantung Waterfall. The first waterfall ( the highest ), located in near of temple, with the height of about 50 meters. The second waterfall smaller then first waterfall, located in under of the first waterfall, about 200 meters from first waterfall. You must follow the river until down. But you can’t see this waterfall from the front or under waterfall, because it’s no road to there. The third waterfall located far from the first and second waterfalls. And this waterfall close by many trees in there. So you can see this waterfall clearly.

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