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‘Bukit Jambul’ (Crested Hill) located not far from Mount Agung, Pesaban Village, Rendang Subdristict, Karangasem Regency about 51km from Denpasar City or 12km from Klunkung Regency. If you drive car from Denpasar you will reach this location about 45 until 60 minutes.


Why named Crested Hill ( Bukit Jambul )? According to the people on there, the place named Bukit Jambul because on the top of west hill there are large and leafy trees, which if you looked in distance it’s look like a crested. And the trees survived until now.

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The renown of Bukit Jambul tourist destination from a long ago, Bukit Jambul often used as a stopover by the visitor who want to visit Besakih Temple, because of the location which not so far from ‘Bukit Jambul’.

‘Bukit Jambul’ at an altitude of 500m so the weather was so cool. The nature panorama around of The Hill amazing and so beauty. From the hill you can see stretch of hills and combination of rice fields called ‘terasering’. And in the other sides you can see the beauty of sea which you can see on the hill. And the Nusa Penida island too which can you see clearly.

If you want visit to ‘Bukit Jambul’ Hill should depart in the morning, besides avoiding the scorching sun on the soon, because hill situation in the morning is so quiet, enlivened by the bird chirping, and you can the thin fog which descends from the hills. And don’t forget to bring camera to take photos.