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Want to know the bridge that was said in the highest in Asia ? Yes, the bridge called Tukad Bangkung. Taken from Balinese words : Tukad it’s meani and Bangkung means female pig. Tukad Bangkung bridge had a length of  360 meters, width of 6 meters with the highest pillar is 71.14 meters and the foundation pillars of 41 below ground. That’s why the bridge called The highest bridge in Asia. 

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The bridge was to replace the old bridge which is located 500 meters south of Tukad Bangkung bridge. Constructions of the bridge was estimated to be resistant to be earthquakes of up to 7 on the Richer scale.
Required funds of Rp 49 billion more to built this bridge. the fund is derived purely from province of Bali with a system of multiyears since 2001. The construction of the bridge along 6 kilometers. The bridge also connect Badung regency and Kintamani area. In around of the bridge, you can feel the green scenery and nature air.