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‘Pantai Gunung Payung’ or ‘Gunung Payung’ beach is favorite hidden beach in Bali, despite of its location and the efforts to get to this beach, the panoramic view is one that money can’t buy and even tired legs and sweating clothes is worth it. Located on southern Bali, at ‘Nusa Dua’/’Jimbaran’, ‘Peninsula’. ‘Gunung Payung’ Beach is hiden very well down from the green hills where Pura/temple Gunung Payung is located. ‘Gunung Payung’ Beach its like oasis in widely comercialized Bali Beaches nowdays, its hardly to find easy accessible beach that has no cafe, no shops, or no hotel nearby.

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The natural rocks destroyed and changed with man made rocks and so on. To reach Gunung Payung Beach you have to find the Pura/Temple Gunung Payung first. Once you reach the Temple, just drive like two metres to assigned parking lot. Gunung Payung Beach is one of those beaches that has not been touch yet..just yet, by investors, so almost everything there is still natural and traditional, thats include you can’t find toilet or proper parking lot or a cafe to eat, but small kiosk is available i guess, but then the view is worth it. Once you parked your car/motorbike, just don’t forget to locked it and take the key with you, the safety of your vehicles is. Well just let it there as nobody will paid attention to it neither one will come and stole it, so far its safe place. Parking fee if available not more than 5000 rupiah and you can park as long as you want.