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kokokan birdsPetulu village is a village located in the district of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali Province. Which makes this village unique and different from the other villages is the existence of hundreds of thousands of migratory birds or in a local language called Kokokan who live around the village and settled around trees or buildings located in the village of Petulu. Residents in this village is no different from other villagers both activities and preoccupations but the presence of these birds did not make the population affected, as well as with the birds still reveal unusual movements do not imply fear of human presence, it is a unique blend.

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To reach this Petulu Village then can travel a distance of about 30 km from Denpasar City and and spent 45 minutes away. As well as within approximately 5 Kilometers from the city center of Ubud.
According to the story some local residents birdburun Kokokan which there are many in the village of Petulu was originally started nesting since 1965. And
beginning at that time there were only about five tails, but a few months later the bird population in the village of Petulu is rising sharply, and the birds were bemigrasi and finally chose to stay in the village area. Seeing the many birds that settle in the village communities, many of which capture the birds to be maintained or cut to be used as food. But wish it never happened till because people who catch these birds always come back to the village and bring back birds in be arrested.
On average they simultaneously say ‘not robust’. he said. According to local villagers, the guys after catching the bird Kokokan often visited by strange creatures creatures that are not in the know its origin. Either a dream or reality. More than 50 people who experienced this. Eventually the population was consulted with the pastor, and diambilah decision to perform the ritual of apology in Pura village. When the procession ritual apology lasted, stakeholders as well as the village temple to experience trance states that birds are Kokokan rencang (guard) Ida Betara who worshiped at the local village temple.Finally the birds rose on leave and not on usik existence until now. Although these birds flock there every year but in October until March was the bird will be seen a lot of existence. Because of the attention and efforts of local people to maintain the existence of this bird habibat this village were awarded the trophy for his efforts kalpataru.These birds will start activities in the morning and be back in the afternoon so the afternoon is a good time to see the birds is in the afternoon. Additionally bring a head covering that is not exposed dirt burng perched in height, although in fact there is a myth in the local communities that are in contact with bird droppings will have good luck.