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Goa-Gajah-Foto4Pura Goa Gajah is located in the village Bedulu, Blahbatuh Regency of Gianyar. The distance from Denpasar Approximately 26 Km, very easy to achieve. There are stalls of arts and diner. This temple in enclosed by rice fields with beautiful river gorge Petanu, located on the tourist route Denpasar – Tampaksiring – Lake Batur – Kintamani. When you hear the name Goa Gajah must immediately occurred to difikiran that the cave is a lot of elephants, or even the cave is made for inhabited by elephants. So, really like it? Goa Gajah is one of the heritage sites in the archipelago. Actually called the Elephant Cave is building a temple, but because its shape resembles an elephant then called Pura Goa Gajah.

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Where does the word Goa Gajah? This word actually comes from Lwa Gajah, a word that appears on the palm Kertagama compiled by MPU Prapanca around the year 1365 AD and built around the 11th century. As well as the fate of other historical sites, the site has also been buried in the ground before finally rediscovered around 1923.

When they wanted to get into this attraction, visitors must first wear a scarf that has been provided at the counter before entering. Then visitors will pass through the walkways and terraces descending the steps approaching tourist sites. Goa Gajah itself has begun to reveal the beauty of the heights because his position at the bottom. Upon approaching the lip of the cave, so visitors can simply enjoy the beauty of the mouth of the cave carved Balinese style that symbolizes the dense forest and its inhabitants living beings.

There are many relics of the Goa Gajah. Among Tri Lingga which is believed to be a symbol of fertility by the surrounding community, as well as the Statue of Ganesha as a symbol of knowledge that is also found in the cave in the form of letter T was. In addition, there is also a pool inside the cave pertitaan with seven statues Widyadara-Widyadari the middle memgang holy water.Total statues therein are actually seven, but that the remaining six because the statue was moved by the officer to another location by an earthquake some time ago. It is said that this shower as a symbol seventh seven important rivers are highly respected in India. Not far from the bathing place looks arrangement of rocks that are fragments or debris of ancient buildings unidentified origin, and the shape of the original building.