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tamanujung3Taman Sukasada | Sukasada park is a beautiful place at the end of Karagasem. This place is the example of my destination at  this regency. Sukasada park is the old building still stand stronger and keeper by local people there. Sukasada park located at Tumbu village, Karangasem regency Bali. This park located around 5 kilometers from Amlapura town. I seem the unique things at this park, the architect by Balinese style. Based on the local guide information this park was build by Ida bagus Jelantik or the popular name is Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem with the best concept make the local people pride with the park because this park has 400 hectares of land. Almost all of this building there like floating on the water.

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The park is one of the masterpiece is was build on 1909 by Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem with dutch artist, he is Van Den Hentz and Singapore artist, he is Loto Ang. The amazing information i hear ed that is the first idea build this park are the development of Dirah pool on 1901. The construction of Sukasada park had done on 1921. At this time the construction are working , exactly at 1937 the construction has inaugurated by Mahligya. That’s the board stone make from marble and has the language on the stone there are Indonesian and Balinese language. This stone hanging on the wall of Bale Warak.

Enjoying the Sukasada park, the first i seem after enter the welcoming gate are a small bridge but beauty and majestic with the decoration of frangipani flower. I continue the journey at this area with visiting Balai Gili | Kambang | Floating Building  with beautiful bridge, the beauty bridge made with the combination of  Netherland and China architect. After enjoy it, i goes to the upper place to see the other side place to enjoying the beautiful panorama and than we must going down with 107 stairs. This is my experience at this Sukasada park, lets enjoy it.