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5519515730_bae8aa5e92_b‘Sangeh’ is a small tropical rain forest surrounded by the rice field with high and shady tropical trees where this place as a habitat for group of monkeys. The atmosphere of beautiful forest is an ideal place for monkeys to take refuge and become one of attractions for tourist to visit this place. This are has bee opened as a tourist destination in Bali located in north of ‘Denpasar’ City and about 30 minutes away from this capital city of Bali Province. In the 17 century when the golden era of ‘Mengwi’ Kingdom led by I Gusti Agung Ketut ‘Karangasem’, the son of I Gusti Agung Made Agung, founded a temple in the middle of nutmeg forest, hereinafter called by ‘Bukit Sari’ Temple.

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The myth of ‘Sangeh’ forest formation is associated with the removal of timber forest in ‘Agung’ Mount at ‘Karangasem’, east part of Bali to ‘Mengwi’, ‘Badung’ regency. However on the way to ‘Mengwi’, someone was realized it and the timber forest growth become a forest and now this forest called by ‘Sangeh’. But scientifically there is uncertain story about the existing of this forest. According to the staff of information center department at KSDA (Natural Resources Conservation), in year 2003, the ‘Sangeh’ forest is covered by 6.825 tropical trees consisted of 28 species of tree including 22 species of shrubs/bushes. In the expansion are (3,169 ha) located in west part of this forest, it has been planted by several species of plants including ‘sapodilla’, ‘mahogany’ and ‘guava’. Some of them will be expected to be a source of foods for 500 monkeys. The species of monkeys live in ‘Sangeh’ are ‘Macaca fascicularis’. Those monkeys are living in three different groups (east, middle and west) which will cause of conflict if they invade the other territorial. Overall, the animals live in this forest have been indentified into 22 species of birth, 3 species of reptile, 2 species of amphibian and 5 species of arthropod.