Nyang-Nyang Beach

3001  Nyang-nyang beach is known for its sandy beach and perfect waves for surfing. It is located at the western part of Bukit Peninsula, near the Uluwatu Temple, Pecatu Village, facing the vast Indian Obali_xq6xx.T0cean. This deserted surfing beach offers the complete privacy and satisfaction for visitors or surfers. To get there, follow a rough and rocky dirt trail from the main Uluwatu road and look out for the small blue sign reading “Nyang-Nyang Surfing Beach”.

You will see a small shack of a shop and a ouse and from thIMG_0538ere it’s a 15 minute walk down the 555 steps that climb the Nyang-Nyang escarpment.It’s a coarse sand, and as a surf beach Nyang Nyang is popular, but this most certainly isn’t a novice wave. The high of the wave up to 150m can be had when conditions are good.This is the one of virgin beach in Bali because nobody knows and if you go to Nyang-Nyang Beach you can feel that the beach is yours.

When you have traveling to there , please don’t forget to bring mineral water or some snack because there are not shop or minimarket while the way to Nyang-Nyang beach.

Just enjoy the stairs, and you will find the secret beautiful beach with white sand and good wave to surfing.