A New Hills in North Part of Bali

teletubis-2Who doesn’t know Teletubbies ??? Teletubbies is a child’s film consist of four peoples with different costume’s colour . Teletubbies famous for their home under a mound resembling a green hill and known teletubbies hills . Teletubbies hills not only on television , but also in Bali , especially in North Bali ( Buleleng ) . Precisely this location in the village Kubutambahan , Kubutambahan  Sub district, Buleleng Regency – Bali. 

teletubis-3It is recently famous through several social media like facebook and instagram ,where previously only a few people who know about this attraction . However, over time , became famous Kubutambahan teletubbies  hills and a lot of visitors . Why is the name of the teletubbies hills ? if you go there you will definitely know the answer , it was named not because there are  teletubbies , but the hill like hill in teletubbies film .teletubbiesss

Travel to teletubbies hill is a small hill nature  green . Because ofthis green hill resembles a hill where the teletubbies stay so the place  known as teletubbies hill. because the location of this hill ata fairly high plateau , so you can see the sea directly from teletubbies hills. Add to the exotic landscapes that exist in this attraction . The natural beauty is the paradise for those who love to selfie or photograph with their closest friends .

Where’s the location ?

singaraja teletubbies hillsTeletubbies hill located in the village Kubutambahan , Kubutambahan sub district  , Buleleng Regency – Bali . Precisely about 1.5 kilometers east of the T-junctions  Kubutambahan . Teletabis hill is not located in a side street , but the entrance protrudes into an alley . Not so far , about 700 meters from the front  of the alley toward the teletubbies hills .Don’t miss it guys, because the place is beautiful and lovely . You can take a walk with your partner while taking pictures together , but for those of you who do not have a partner can  invite your friends to come together to visit this new  tourism object in a north  part of Bali Island.